NICU Temperature Monitoring


To measure and record core body temperature of newborn babies using non-invasive techniques. Currently, mercury thermometers are used commonly to take temperatures in developing countries. These thermometers are not especially durable and are harmful to the environment and people. The goal of this project is to create a functional, low-cost, and durable handheld thermometer. The thermometer will be accurate within +/- 1 °C of the patient’s true temperature within the range of 32-42 °C.

System Overview

System Consists of NFC chip (AS3953A), a circular loop antenna, linear charging circuit and a thermistor to measure the body temperature of babies. The thermometer is powered by the NFC mobile. The thermometer is tied to the neonates belly, thermistor reads the temperature value which is calculated and displayed on the android application present on the NFC enabled smartphone.