Active BLE

Goal: Each time a overhead bin latch or a hatch is opened/closed, the event has to be recorded on a system. The system is mostly a centralized server. If the server is unavailable due to either a power failure/power down, then the system that has detected the event has to store it locally and make available the data soon as the server announces its availability.



ARM Mode:- All the latch motes are active, sensing for any activity on the bin latches, this mode is activated when the flight is not in use or is in hanger. Finally maintenance engineer issues a STATUS command in the end of this mode to acquire information whether the Latch was opened with or not.

DISARM Mode :- All the latch motes are inactive. This mode is activated when aeroplane is in flight mode not sensing for any activity as passengers use overhead bins a lot of times to keep/remove their backpacks.

All these modes are activated and deactivated using BLE commands (securely) to the latch motes by an android app of smart phone held by flight maintenance engineer.