Time Sensitive Networking

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is the IEEE 802.1Q defined standard technology to provide deterministic messaging on standard Ethernet. It provides guarantees of delivery and minimized jitter using time scheduling for those real-time applications that require determinism. Deterministic communication is a need in multiple industries like healthcare, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, media and transportation especially in time-sensitive applications which include remote surgeries, autonomous vehicle networks, competitive video gaming etc. 

The first step is to set up a NetFPGA-SUME as a TSN switch. It is crucial that all the devices in the network have their clocks synchronized. So, the idea is to implement time synchronization in our network to then setup a time sensitive network. This would involve implementing time aware shaper and gate control logic at the TSN switches’ ports. Multiple Raspberry Pi 4 platforms will act as hosts and destinations.

Some of the hardware involved in the project are displayed below:

To demonstrate a remote surgery scenario where a user with haptic gloves can in real time perform complex tasks using a robotic arm at a remote location with no apparent experience of lag. The critical data in the network needs to flow without any interruptions due to packet drops and delays at switch ports. A TSN network will ensure that.



Nithish K Gnani

Nithish K Gnani