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Zero Energy Networks (ZEN) Laboratory is housed in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
We work on tactile internet, cyber-physical systems, speech to text, and Wi-Fi modeling & simulation. We develop embedded electronic systems for IoT applications pertaining to Airplane cabin monitoring, Indoor positioning systems, Healthcare, Smart homes, Intelligent Transport, Industrial Automation, Cognitive Jewellery and Automated Surveillance.

Research Areas

Energy harvesting entities capture small amounts of energy over a long time from several sources such as Solar, Temperature differential, Vibration, RF power, Wind etc
Tactile Internet enables accessibility of moving virtual objects at real time interaction speed.
In Zen lab, we work on a wide range of research areas within Communication etc. The emphasis is on designing ultra-low power systems and algorithms,
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NPTEL Online Courses

An updated Design for IOT course. Has the latest lab experiments and electronic systems.
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A selected set of applications for the IoT world are introduced. In our topic on first responder networks, we attempt to build a system to detect human life under a building debris.
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A high level view of IOTs, design of smart objects that provide collaboration and ubiquitous services will be explored. Design for longevity/energy efficiency will be highlighted.
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