Recent Conference Publications:

  1. A. K. Sharma and S. S. Garani, “Fault-Tolerant Quantum LDPC Encoders,” accepted to IEEE Intl. Symp. Info. Theory, Athens, July 2024.
  2. A. K. Sharma and S. S. Garani, Magic State Distillation from Qudit Stabilizer Codes,” in IEEE Int. Conf. Comm., Denver, June 2024. 
  3. S. Kashyap and S. S. Garani, “Quantum Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Multi-Class Classification,” in IEEE Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2023.
  4. Anil Y., and S. S. Garani, “A Scalable GPT-2 Inference Hardware Architecture on FPGA,” in IEEE Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2023.
  5. D. Shri, A. Mondal, and S. S. Garani, “An Improved Codec Design Architecture for Irregular LDPC Codes Applicable to WiMAX,” in IEEE Int. Conf. on Electron. Circ. and Sys. (ICECS), 2022. 

Journal Special Issue (Editorial):

  1. IEEE J-SAC 2016 – Channel Modeling, Coding and Signal Processing for Novel Physical Memory Devices and Systems (


Journal Publications:

  1. A. K. Sharma and S. S. Garani, “Near-Threshold Qudit Stabilizer Codes with Efficient Encoding Circuits for Magic State Distillation,” in Physical Review A, May 2024.
  2. P. J. Nadkarni, P. Jayakumar, A. Behera, and S. S. Garani, “Entanglement-assisted Quantum Reed-Muller Tensor Product Codes,” in Quantum, vol. 8, 1329, May 2024.
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