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The lab is always looking out for bright and highly motivated individuals with a strong background in applied mathematics/physics/electronics and communication engineering backgrounds to join the research group. Interested students with interdisciplinary interests intending to pursue M.Sc by research and Ph.D are strongly encouraged to submit their CV directly to Prof. Shayan G. Srinivasa (email: The lab invites post-doctoral scholars intending to pursue research for a period extending from one to two years in the near future. Temporary positions for scientific/lab-assistants will be sometimes available for short-term projects. All the openings will be advertised on the website.  International students are encouraged to apply. Please follow the link for more information. Interested students are requested to send their CV directly to Prof. Shayan G. Srinivasa.

Lab Openings:

Currently, there are no openings for Research Assistants.

See also: Industry consultation/ Start-ups


The lab does not have any opening for under graduate internships. Due to the sheer volume of emails received, it is not possible to respond to every e-mail unless the profile seems interesting and is aligned to the research areas of the lab. Mass emails and carelessly drafted emails are sure to be trashed.

Job Openings at other places: