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  • April 25, 2024
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Easescan Medtech Private Limited is a startup founded by Rathin K Joshi, Hari R.S., and Ajay Krishnan A. The company is currently incubated at CPDMed TBI IISc.

Apart from the three founders, the Easescan team includes Dr. Hardik J. Pandya as the scientific advisor, Dr. Manjunath Dandi as the Clinical Advisor, Dr. Srinivas Madhusudhan Kandada as the Business Mentor (CPDMED TBI IISc), and Chartered accountant Bhusha Mehta as the Auditor.

Currently, Easescan is focusing on developing a newborn hearing screening system. Recently, Easescan Medtech Private Limited was awarded the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG -2023) for the Neonatal Hearing Screening System project.

BIG is India’s largest early-stage biotech funding (INR 5 million (USD 70000 approx.)) program to support early-stage startups with best-in-class innovative ideas and refine them to proof-of-concept. Nine medical device projects were selected for financial assistance under BIG-23 this time. Additionally, Easescan was applauded by the Honeywell CSR Grant as well.

Easescan seeks to improve the existing neonatal hearing screening strategies by incorporating a novel cortical biomarker to examine the entire auditory sensory pathway. The team envisions the validation of neonatal headbands for a larger cohort of Indian newborns at various clinical institutions, ultimately leading to an affordable neonatal hearing screening solution.


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