Congratulations Alekya on successfully defending your Ph.D. thesis!

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  • April 19, 2023
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Alekya Bejgam, Ph.D., is the fifth Ph.D. student graduating from our research group (BEES LAB, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE, Formerly CEDT), IISc) in the last six years.

Identifying precise diagnosis and therapy to treat central airway obstruction remains a clinical challenge due to variability in anomalies and clinical symptoms. Visual assessment using conventional bronchoscopy or radiography images from CT scans for quantifying the degree of obstruction site is highly subject to the clinician’s expertise. Airway pathology leads to alteration in fluid flow, tissue biomechanics, and loss of patency. To address this clinical challenge, an intraoperative tool was developed to locate the site of obstruction, characterize tracheal tissue stiffness, and quantify the lumen diameter. The research work comprehends all phases involved in the tool development, from fabricating microengineered sensors to integrating on flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) and further validating its utility in a pseudo-physiological test bench using excised sheep tracheal tissues.

Alkeya authored four international peer-reviewed research articles and has presented her work at various international scientific meetings. She has an international utility patent (applied) and an Indian design patent (granted). She is also a recipient of the BIRAC SITARE – Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award (2021) for developing a smart Intubation Catheter for Airway Management.

We wish Alekya great success in all of her future endeavors.



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