Projects, Consultancy, Short-Courses etc.

  • A number of consultancy services have been provided by the Group since 1989 to industries for the setting up of PCB plants to manufacture single and double-side boards.
  • A large number of short-term courses on PCB Design and Manufacturing have been organized by the Group since 1988 for industries and individuals. These courses are typically of 2-3 weeks’ duration.


Funding Agency



Microvia PCBs -evaluation and test for reliability including new dielectric materials for enabling high density substrates

IISc-ISRO Space Technology Cell (STC)

April 2002 to March 2004

Prof. H S Jamadagni, CEDT, IISc


Dr. V R Katti, Proj. Director, ISAC-ISRO, Bangalore

Microvia PWB Technology for realization of high density interconnections on organic substrates

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India

April 2003 to Sept 2005

Dr. G Ananda Rao (Principal Investigator), Dr. N S Dinesh &

G V Mahesh (Co-Investigators)

Embedded Passives on organic substrate for SOP applications

IISc-ISRO Space Technology Cell (STC)

April 2006 to March 2008

Mr. B. Madhusudhan Rao, Receivers Division, ISAC-ISRO, Bangalore

Nano-composite capacitor materials as embedded capacitors for high-performance System-on-Package (SOP) applications

Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India Exploratory Project

October 2007 to October 2008

No Co-investigator

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