Kurian Polachan

I am a graduate student and research scholar at DESE, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I’m jointly advised by professors Dr. T V Prabhakar and Dr. Chandramani Singh.

I received my masters in Electronics Design and Technology from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2014 and bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt Model Engineering College, Cochin in 2008.

Prior to my coming to Indian Institute of Science, i was working with Cypress Semiconductors (5+ years). At work, i was involved in the design, research and development activities of numerous niche capacitive touch sensing products from Cypress Semiconductors.

My interests span across broad areas of electronics, covering systems design, circuit design, user interfaces, embedded protocols, VLSI, test engineering, automation and programmable systems on chip. My current research interests are in the field of tactile internet and its applications.