Daisy Chain Power Over Ethernet


Systems often use “columns” to be able to scale and integrate with complex installations of an airplane interior. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that transfers both power as well as data on an Ethernet cable. PoE has many types, and the latest standard is the IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) which says that a PoE switch can source up to 90W per port. There have been some developments in Single Pair PoE where a single twisted pair wire is made to transfer both power and data (power over data line). PoE has been adopted as a simple way to incorporate low or medium devices (e.g., cameras) into current generation of airplane networks.  

This aim of this project is to implement a Daisy Chain PoE network infrastructure that would allow for easier installation and lower wiring burden for future systems with many client devices (e.g., sensors, signs, digital speakers, bin devices, etc) by considering all the failure modes. 


Illustration of link failure in ring, linear and star topology


Power forwarding algorithm for Daisy chain PoE in a linear topology


Divya Prakash Hungud

Divya Prakash Hungud