Principal Investigator: Prof. Utsav Banerjee


The Secure Intelligent and Efficient Systems Lab is involved in the design of efficient integrated system solutions for next-generation security applications such as post-quantum cryptography, computation on encrypted data, blockchain, side-channel security, circuit-level entropy generation, light-weight cryptography, end-to-end encrypted communications and authentication protocols. We aim to achieve these goals through hardware (VLSI design of cryptographic hardware accelerators in ASIC and FPGA), software (implemented on low-power embedded micro-controllers as well as high-performance processors) and their co-optimization (integration of custom accelerators and co-processors with general-purpose micro-processors for effective hardware-software interaction). Our research spans across multiple abstraction levels including circuits, architectures and algorithms – enabling us to translate theory into practical systems.

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We are associated with the following thematic research clusters at IISc:
▶ Security Research Group
▶ Quantum Technology Initiative
▶ Microelectronics and VLSI Design Cluster


JOIN US: We have multiple openings for M.Tech. and Ph.D. students. Further details are available here.