Pujarini Ghosh Mukherjee Post Doc (June 2013 to Aug 2014) Graphene Thermoelectric Faculty, Macquarie University, Sydney
Amretashis Sengupta Post Doc (April 2012-March 2014) 2D channel material MOSFET DST Inspire Faculty, IIEST, Shibpur (formerly BESU)
Sitangshu Bhattacharya Post Doc (2008-2013) Carbon nanomaterials Assistant Professor, IIIT-Allahabad
Arkaprava Bhattacharya Post Doc (Feb-March 2013) Compact Modeling Assistant Professor, SASTRA University
Biswapriyo Das Ph.D. (2021) Atom-to-Circuit modeling strategy for 2D transistors Global Foundry
Madhuchhanda Brahma (Jointly with Prof. S. Sambandan) Ph.D. (2019) Multiscale modeling of quantum transport in 2D material based MOS transistors Post Doc UT Dallas
Ananda Sankar Chakraborty Ph.D. (2019) Quantum-Drift-Diffusion Formalism Based Compact Model For Low Effective Mass Channel MOSFET Post Doc UC Berkeley
Dipankar Saha Ph.D. (2017) Atomistic study of carrier transmission in hetero-phase MoS2 structures Faculty IISET Shibpur
Anuja Chanana Ph.D. (2016) First principles study of 2D material metal contact JNCASR
Neha Sharan Ph.D. (2014) Compact Modeling of short channel common double gate MOSFET adapted to gate-oxide thickness asymmetry R & D Engineer, IMEC Belgium
Rekha Verma Ph.D. (2013) Investigation of Electro-Thermal and Thermoelectric properties of Carbon nanomaterials Assistant Professor, IIIT Allahabad
Ramkrishna Ghosh Ph.D. (2013) Exploration of real and complex dispersion relationship of nanomaterials for next generation transistor applications DST Inspire Faculty JNU, (Post-doc  U Notre Dame, PSU)
Jandhyala Srivatsava Ph.D. (2013) Compact Modeling of Independent/Asymmetric Double Gate MOSFETs Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad Intel India, (Post Doc: UC Berkeley)
Pankaj Kumar Thakur Ph.D. (2013) Poisson’s Solution and Large-Signal Modeling for Independent Double Gate MOSFET Ex-Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar Ex-Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar, Post Doc: UC Berkeley
Radhamanjari Samanta (Jointly with Prof. S. Raha, under interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology program) Ph.D. (2013) Timing-Driven Routing in VLSI Physical Design under Uncertainty AMD Bangalore
Surya Shankar Dan Ph.D. (2009) Impact of energy quantization on Single Electron Transistor devices and circuits Ex-Assistant Professor, IIT Khargpur Post Doc: EPFL
Richa Chakravarty M.E. Micro (2016) First Principles Study on Phase engineered MoS2- Metal top Contact ISRO
Chethan Kumar M.E. Micro (2015) Topics in Compact Modeling Pursuing Ph.D. at NSDRL,IISc Bangalore
Ved Prakash M.E. Micro (2014) Topics in Compact Modeling IRISET
Mani Kanta M.E. Micro (2013) Topics in Compact Modeling Texas Instruments
Aby Abraham M.E. Micro (2012) Compact Modeling Aspects of Independent Double Gate MOSFET IRISET
Prabhat Ranjan M.E. Micro (2010) Mixedmode Simulation of IDGMOS Tejas Network
Sudipta Sarkar M.E. Micro (2010) Non Quasi Static Modeling of Multi-Gate MOSFETs Pursuing Ph.D. at University of Texas, Dallas
Sivakumar Bondada (Jointly with Dr. S.Raha) M.E. Micro (2008) Interconnect Modeling for Process Variability NVIDIA
Chaitanya Sathe M.E. Micro (2007) Modeling and Analysis of Noise Margin in SET Logic Pursuing Ph.D. at University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne
Shubhakar K. (QIP Candidate) M.E. Micro (2007) Simulation study of Carrier Transport in Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor using Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function(NEGF) Approach Pursuing Ph.D. at National University of Singapore
Mastan Rao Kongara (Jointly with TI) M.E. Micro (2006) Testing for Parametric Faults in Analog Circuits Using Oscillation based Test Methodology BEL
Chethan Kumar M.Sc. (2017) First principles based mobility estimation technique for graphene Intel Bangalore
A Rex M.Sc. (2011) Analytical Thermal Conductivity Modeling for metallic Single Walled Carbon Nanotube. Pursuing Ph.D. at IISc , Bangalore
Rakesh P M.Sc. (2009) Analytical Modeling of Quantum Threshold Voltage for Short Channel Multi Gate Silicon Nanowire Transistors Pursuing Ph.D. at university of Minnesota
Avinash Sahoo M.Sc. (2009) On the modeling of inversion charge in Multi Gate FinFET
Biswajit Ray M.Sc. (2008) Impact of Body Center Potential on the Electrostatics of Undoped Body Multi Gate Transistors: A Modeling Perspective Pursuing Ph.D. at Purdue
Ramesha A M.Sc. (2008) Sub-threshold Slope Modeling & Gate Alignment Issues in Tunnel Field Effect Transistor DRDO
Nayan Patel M.Sc. (2007) Performance Enhancement of the Tunnel Field Effect Transistor for Future Low Stand-by Power Applications Cypress Semiconductor