Nanotechnology based Low Power, Rapid, Handheld Detection Devices

Team Members: Dr. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel

A team led by Dr. S.C.G. Kiruba Daniel involves in the development of innovative detection devices for the detection of different analytes like heavy metals (mercury). The team utilizes quantum dots and metal nanoparticles with DNA for specific detection of the analytes. A STAR- MHRD project has been recently granted for the development of a hand held device to detect mercury by means of electrical detection. New methods of sensing were being pursued with thrust on integration of Nanosensors with AI and Machine Learning. There is an opportunity for new members who would like to work in interdisciplinary research specifically at the intersection of biology and electronics. A paper has been published and a patent have been filed by the team.


  1. Daniel S C G, Kumar A, Sivasakthi K, Thakur C. S. (2019) Handheld, Low-Cost Electronic Device For Rapid, Real-Time Fluorescence-Based Detection Of Hg2+, Using Aptamer-Templated ZnO Quantum Dots. Sensors and Actuators B: Elsevier.