Keynote speaker at SVNIT Surat

Dr.Chetan Singh Thakur gave the Keynote talk at SVNIT Surat during ET2ECN2020  Feb 7-8.

Topic : Emerging Technology Trends in Electronics, Communication & Networking.


Keynote talk at SSIR TechCon Conference

Dr.Chetan Singh Thakur gave the Keynote talk at Samsung Semiconductor Institute of Research (SSIR) TechCon conference on Nov 5.

Topic: Innovative Image Sensors and Low Power Neuromorphic Architectures for Edge Computing.

Lakshmi Annamalai: Best startup idea pitch at EMEA workshop, Delhi

EMEA ( is a Student Research Workshop on “Brain Inspired Computing & Technologies” organized by the Broadcom Foundation. This workshop is aimed at providing graduate students an exciting opportunity to explore research collaborations in brain machine interfaces, and brain-inspired technologies and computing. This team worked on “Tactile-Vision Sensory Substitution for blind people with Neuromorphic camera” – Proposed a non-invasive technique for circumventing the loss of one sense by feeding its information through another channel. This could be leveraged to develop a fast tactile-vision vest to allow those severe vision loss to perceive the world through small vibrations on their wrist. It consists of neuromorphic camera as sensor, an action recognition system as coupling system and a tactile stimulator.


Invited talk by Dr.Chetan and NeuRonICS lab participation at EMEA workshop.

The 3rd Edition of Broadcom foundation sponsored EMEA workshop was held at Delhi from 13th – 18th October 2019.

Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur gave an invited talk about “Neuromorphic Computing” at the Workshop.

Participants from Neuronics Lab got exposure in pitching a startup idea based on Brain Inspired Computing in front of Broadcom Foundation  VP and President and other international university faculties.

Lakshmi from Neuronics Lab was part of the winning team at the workshop for the best startup idea pitch.

List of Participants from Neuronics Lab: Pratik Kumar, Abhishek Nair, Lakshmi A. and Kundan Kumar as mentor.

Folks from Neuronics Lab win Hackware innovation challenge organized by Schneider India

Hackware is a innovation challenge organized by Schneider Electric India.  Shilpa Sangappa, Hemanth Sabella, Abhishek Moitra and Vignesh Ramanathan from Neuronics Lab emerged winners for the challenge. Out of 300 applications all over India, 23 teams got into the grand finale. This team worked on “Power optimization techniques” – Built a non-invasive, low-cost device to capture aggregated apparent power on which machine learning models are used to classify and segregate individual appliances working in the environment.

Hackware_ Final Pitch


Invited talk at CAIR, DRDO

Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur has given a talk on “Neuromorphic Sensors for Robotic Perceptions” at Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR), DRDO on 31st July, 2019.

Invited talk at BCL 2019 held at IISc

Invited talk by Dr.Chetan Singh Thakur at BCL 2019 workshop held at IISc from June 24 to June 29.
Topic : Low Power Neuromorphic Systems for Edge Computing

NeuRonICS lab awarded the SPARC proposal in collaboration with Prof Shantanu Chakraborty and Prof Raman Baranidharan from Washington University of St Louis

NeuRonICS lab awarded the SPARC proposal in collaboration with Prof Shantanu Chakrabartty and Prof Raman Baranidharan from Washington University of St Louis.

“Sensing-to-learn and Learning-to-sense: Exploiting Neuromorphic symbiosis of sensing, computing, memory and adaptation for designing the next-generation machine learning systems”

IISc, Bangalore and WSU, Australia sign MoU to promote neuromorphic engineering

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for expanding their ongoing partnership to support cutting-edge research in the area of neuromorphic engineering. This alliance will enable collaborative research and exchange of students between the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS) at WSU and the Brain, Computation and Data Science (BCD) Group at IISc.

Kundan Kumar to represent IISc at EMEA workshop

Kundan Kumar, PhD student from Neuronics Lab has been selected to represent IISc at the EMEA Student Research Workshop for Brain Inspired Computing & Technologies to be held in Imperial College London.

Date of Workshop: 6-10 October 2018.

More Details of the workshop can be found here.

NeuroCom 2018 Workshop


Date: June 11 – 15, 2018

Venue: Room No 305, DESE, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Click on the link for programme details : NeuroCom 2018


Early Career Research Award from SERB

Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur has won the prestigious “Early Career Research Award” from Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India for developing Neuromorphic processor.

Invited talk at ISDCS Conference

Invited talk at IEEE International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems by Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur on “Neuromorphic Computing”

Invited talk at GHCI Conference

Invited talk at GHCI Conference by Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur on “Neuromorphic Engineering: The quest for brain-like computing”.

Qualcomm Funding Award

Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur has been awarded the “Qualcomm Funding 2017” for his proposed research in the field of compressive sensing imaging.

Pratiksha Young Investigator Award 2017

Dr. Chetan Singh Thakur has been awarded the prestigious “Pratiksha Young Investigator Award 2017” for his research in the field of brain-inspired computing.