The NeuRonICS Lab led by Chetan Singh Thakur from IISc Bangalore showcased impressive projects at  ISCAS2024, emphasizing expertise in  neuromorphic computing and intelligent hardware systems:
🔹 Processing-in-Interconnect (Pi²) Inspired by Dendritic Computation – Presented by Madhuvanthi Srivatsav R at the PhD forum.
🔹 A Stride Towards Low Power Scalable Analog Computing – Presented by Ankita Nandi at the PhD Forum.
🔹 Real-time Audio and Visual Inference on the RAMAN tinyML Accelerator – Live demonstration by Adithya Krishna.
🔹 tinyRadar: LSTM-based Real-time Multi-target Human Activity Recognition for Edge Computing – Regular paper authored by Satyapreet Singh, Shreyansh Anand, Adithya MD, Dasari Sai Nikitha, and Chetan Singh Thakur, presented by Satyapreet at the conference.