Vision and Background


MSDLab @ Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (India) & ESD Association (USA) have envisioned a need to strengthen and promote ESD design activities in the south east Asia region through a forum which is now being called “Indian ESD Association”. One of the key outcomes of this forum is India ESD Workshop (InEW), which has following four-fold vision. First, to increase ESD awareness among VLSI / Microelectronics engineers and academicians. Second, to bring VLSI engineers (interested in ESD design and test activities) and ESD experts together. Third, to promote teaching/training, research & development on topics related to on-chip ESD device/circuit or system level ESD design in the south east Asia region. Finally, the most important, to use this as a model to strengthen academia-Industry partnership in this region.

India ESD workshop (InEW), has now become a unique annual effort in India with a vibrant gathering of over 200 engineers and experts from semiconductor industries. It’s executive committee has a presence of all the leading chip design/manufacturing companies while having several world renowned ESD experts in it’s advisory board. The 4th edition of InEW is a two-day event (Feb 26th – 27th, 2020), which is largely supported by VLSI industry around the world.


4th InEW Financial Sponsors


Organizers and Technical Sponsors


Indian Institute Science Bangalore Karnataka

Established in 1909,The Indian Institute of Science, located in heart of Bangalore on 400 acres of lush scrub and plantation forest, is India’s leading institution of advanced  education and premier research centre in science and in engineering. The institute comprise of 6 divisons of 44 depararment  and over 500 faculty carries out research in most areas of the basic and applied sciences and in engineering , publishing vigorously in premier journals.