Welcome to our group webpage!

We aim to build innovative solutions for the next generation of efficient integrated systems towards a greener and more sustainable future. This ranges from building across a wide range of abstractions from circuit design, RTL design, chip implementation, and embedded systems along with the necessary software framework. Exploratory work using FPGAs is used for feasibility studies offering quick turn-around times for system modelling and testing. Extensive analysis and simulations are used to verify designs with promising ideas being implemented in competitive technologies for silicon demonstrations and validation. Leveraging the experience of designing, fabricating, and testing systems in a wide range of technologies, we envision driving a future where we maximize positive human impact through technology while living in synergy with nature.

Our research encompasses areas of Digital and Mixed-signal VLSI design, Energy Efficient Computation for Machine-Learning Applications, Hardware for AI, Memory Design, In-Memory Computing, Human-Machine Interface, Secure Computing, and Neural-Network Accelerators.