Open Day 2023

Demonstration of various lab components and equipments


Digital Twin

A Digital Twin (DT) framework is expected to accurately capture the context and effortlessly allow for data communication and integration between a physical system and its digital copy in either direction. Moreover, it can run parallel to a physical system and help in the recognition of unexpected and upcoming failures. It computes the real-time data and adds the predictability aspect which saves cost, manpower, and time.


Drawing tool using CNC

A vector image is converted into G-codes which is processed by an ARC breaker tool, which is then processed by a microcontroller to drive the CNC drawing machine and draw the image on paper.


Dancing Waterfall Fountain and CIPOS based wireless motor control


Electricity and Electromagnetism


Fruit quality analysis using hyperspectroscopy

The accurate quality of a fruit cannot be obtained from manual checking. Thus, the method adopted in this project is non-invasive, cost effective and provides accurate quality of the fruit. The spectral lines obtained during spectroscopy helps to measure the wavelengths and intensities of light. All 3 parameters (sweetness, juice level, type of apple) are determined by the power intensity at different wavelengths.


Haptic Gloves

The haptic glove saptures the kinematics of the hand such as finger positions, wrist angles. Fast communication between glove and end device. Provides low latency force, touch feedback and replication of movements on robot.


Hybrid Traffic Signalling System

The work involves design of a new model for urban traffic control, composed of priority control by traffic police and traffic signal management at intersections. The traffic personnel signaling is integrated into Traffic Lights by Gesture recognition. The model used is MediaPipe Gesture and Face Model recognition model which ensures only official traffic personnel control the traffic.


Magic Messenger

In the realm of TinyML and IOT, a magic messenger can be a valuable tool for writing numbers in the air. By incorporating sensors and machine learning algorithms, the messenger can detect the user’s movements and translate them into numerical values. This technology can be particularly useful for tracking inventory or controlling robotic systems. With a simple flick or wave  of the messenger, a user can send commands to IOT devices or trigger specific actions based on the numbers they draw in the air. The use of a magic messenger in this context can provide a more intuitive and engaging user experience, as users can literally “write” the commands they wish to send. By leveraging the power of TinyML and IOT, a magic messenger can be transformed from a simple prop to a sophisticated tool that enables users to interact with their digital environments in new and exciting ways.


Music Visualiser

The sample of sound is taken at fixed time intervals. Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) for the samples is calculated in real-time. The Amplitude level belonging to different frequency bins is shown on the custom-made LED display.


Musical Tesla Coil

Electrical Resonant Transformer to Produce High voltage Low current High frequency AC.


Obstacle Detection using LIDAR

The first step in 2-D LiDAR obstacle detection is scanning a series of points to generate a point cloud of raw data. The raw data is then filtered, typically using a median filter, in order to filter out initial noise in the data. The data is then preprocessed, which consists of segmenting the point cloud into blocks of points that have similar distances. Once the blocks have been either merged or segmented, the geometry of the obstacles can be predicted using the number of points in the block and the characteristics of their spread.


PreMa – Predictive maintenance of solenoid valve

PreMa is a smart and real-time electronic product which is compact, low power, easy to install and cost effective. The smart solenoid sensor runs TinyML, a compact version of TensorFlow (a.k.a. TFLite) machine learning framework. While fault detection inferencing is in-situ, model training uses mobile phones to accomplish the ‘on-device’ training. Furthermore, the product provides the remaining useful life (RUL) of the Solenoid Valve(SV).


Smart Home

The phrase “smart house” refers to a residence that has smart appliances.  IoT technologies have been introduced, which implies that the gadgets are now able to communicate with one another and accept some orders remotely. It offers homeowners: Security, convenience and comfort, and energy efficiency are among the top priorities.


Tactile Cyber-Physical System

Design and implementation of a Tactile Cyber-Physical System for real-time interaction between physical and virtual worlds for applications requiring ultra-reliable low latency communications(5G).


Towers of Hanoi

It is a mathematical puzzle where we have 3 rods and n disks. The objective is to move the entire stack to another rod, obeying the following simple rules:

  1. Only 1 disk can be moved at a time.
  2. Each move consist of taking the upper disk from one of the stacks and placing it on top of another stack i.e. a disk can only be moved if it is the uppermost disk on a stack.
  3. No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.


Matchstick Puzzle

These are rearrangement puzzles in which number of matchsticks are arranged as some geometric shape. The goal is to rearrange the matchsticks by following the instructions.


Travelling Salesman Problem

This problem has a salesman and a set of cities. He must visit each city starting from a certain one & returning to the same city. The challenge is that the salesman wants to minimize the total length of the trip.


Urban Air Mobility

There is limited volume of airspace and vertiport facilities for the operation UAM vehicles hence, operators have to compete for these requirements. Unmanaged demand will suffer from poor efficiency, delays, inability to manage off-nominal situations, ATM and UTM operating together, etc. Existing methodologies for handling aircraft traffic will not be sufficient to handle the forecasted UAM traffic. Therefore, a need for creating protocols for collaboration and prioritization for the smooth operations is required.


Video game gun controller

It’s a complete electronic system equipped with sensor, micro-controller, battery and even electro-mechanical solenoid! MPU6050 senses movements and reports to ESP32 which also reads some push buttons. All the  data is sent over Bluetooth© to a computer which can be running any shooting game. The solenoid is controlled by ESP32 to give haptic feedback to the user!


COVID 19 Detection using Electronic Device having Aptamer – Gold Nanoparticles


TinyRadar for localization and activity classification

Localization by mmWave Radar with people represented as Point clouds by Radar. Radar Healthcare Ecosystem –

Radars mounted on the walls of room and bathroom for patient localization and activity monitoring , Radars mounted under the bed to measure vital signs


ARYABHAT-1 (Analog Reconfigurable TechnologY And Bias-scalable Hardware for AI Task)




SQ-CARS (Scalable Quantum Control and Readout System)