Sayak Dutta Gupta

Sayak, born and brought-up in Kolkata, is presently a DST INSPIRE Research Fellow in DESE, IISc Bangalore. His primary research interest involves development of reliable normally-OFF GaN HEMTs for power applications. His work involves design, fabrication and characterization of e-mode HEMTs with a view to develop reliable gate oxides.

Sayak obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM) Kolkata in 2014, post which he did his master’s in Materials Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur in 2016. During his master’s, he worked on silicon nanoparticles-polyaniline nano-composites for optoelectronic and thermoelectric applications, a collaborative work of IIEST Shibpur and UGC-DAE CSR, Kolkata centre. He also worked in MSDLab, IISc Bangalore as a project assistant for a year before joining the doctoral program. Sayak enjoys cooking, swimming and is an ardent gallivanter.


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Awards and Achievements

  1. ‘INSPIRE Fellowship’ by Department of Science and Technology, India for pursuing PhD in January 2018
  2. ‘Prof. A. K. Seal Gold Medal’ for 1st in Regular Master of Technology Examination, March 2017.
  3. ‘Institute Silver Medal’ for 1st in Master of Technology in Materials Engineering, March 2017
  4. ‘Aditya Birla Group Chairman’s Award for Scholastic Achievement’ for securing overall 3rd position in all Aditya Birla Group Schools of India during Class 10 board Examination, 2008.
  5. ‘Jayashree Textiles (Aditya Birla Group) President’s Gold Medal’ for being the school topper in Secondary (Class 10) exam, 2008.