1. Wafer level High Power Device Characterization setup
  2. Wafer level low current and low temperature Characterization setup
  3. ESD Characterization setup (TLP and vf-TLP)
  4. Setup for nano-material transfer/deposition
  5. Nano-second pulse characterization setup
  6. Stamping stage with high resolution microscope and nano positioners for 2D material transfer and stacking
  7. High end computational clusters with total 96 cores
  8. An integrated EL/PL/Raman system with low temperature (Liquid N2) sample mounting/probing stage
  9. Fully automated low temperature probe station
  10. Automated semiconductor device reliability characterization setup
  11. Wafer level ultra high power measurement setup
  12. Wafer level – automated – low current (down to fA) / low power device characterization setup
  13. Setup for thermal conductivity and diffusivity characterization of 2D materials and thin films
  14. Setup for 1/f noise characterization in 2D material systems
  15. 67 GHz PNA
  16. CCR based sub-1k probe setup
  17. Range of laser sources