Adil Meersha

Adil grew up in Thrissur, Kerala and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology Calicut in 2012. He joined IISc Bangalore for his masters in Microelectronics under the supervision of Prof Mayank Shrivastava and worked on graphene transistor fabrications.He continued his research under the same superviser for his PhD and is currently working on graphene RF transistors,2D materials and 2D heterostructures . Adil likes to play football and enjoys short cycle trips.


  • AdilMeersha, Harsha B Variar, Krishna Bharadwaj, Abhishek Mishra, SrinivasanRaghavan, NavakantaBhat and MayankShrivastava, “Record Low Metal – (CVD) Graphene Contact Resistance Using Atomic Orbital Overlap Engineering”, IEEE International Electron Device Meeting, Dec. 5th – Dec. 7th, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2016
  • AdilMeersha, Sathyajit B and MayankShrivastava, “A Systematic Study on the Hysteresis Behavior and Reliability of MoS2 FET”, to appear in the proceedings of IEEE VLSI Design Conference, Jan. 2017
  • N. K. Kranthi, Abhishek Mishra, AdilMeersha and MayankShrivastava, “ESD Behavior of Large Area CVD Graphene RF Transistors: Physical Insights and Technology Implications”, to appear in the proceedings of IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, USA, 2017