“What excites me most at the Lab is that, one can get exposure to all areas of engineering, required to solve specific problem. With the intent to explore, one has freedom to learn almost anything. Abundant facilities, interaction with peers and guidance form Prof. Dinesh makes my journey of exploration fascinating.”

“Innovating technologies to help the common man gives me passion to pursue research in the areas of automation, intelligent systems and controls. Mechatronics Lab has provided me all the freedom to explore, push my boundaries and learn more.”

“Being a part of Mechatronics lab provides a great experience to learn. Every person I meet at DESE, is very friendly. Interacting with them adds new dimensions to my thought process. The facilities and environment give a quintessential feel to assimilate knowledge, by hands-on experience. Supervision from Prof. Dinesh, encourages me to imagine and learn new things. I’m enjoying my time here!”

“While being a secretary to Prof. N. S. Dinesh, my work has become my passion. All my colleagues are equally supportive.”

“I feel blessed to be a part of Mechatronics Lab Team. The environment here always motivates me to learn new things. Prof. Dinesh is very supportive. He has always taught us to seek solutions to various problems, by taking examples from nature. I have come a long way since, and yet have a long way to go.”

Careers @ Mechatronics Lab

There is no better place, than the Mechatronics Lab, to have the freedom to explore a variety of fields such as Embedded Systems, Analog Electronics, Mechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation etc., in depth and breadth. We are fully capable of prototyping and developing of a complete product in-house, using various equipment like 3D printer, Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Milling Machine, CNC Lathe etc., along with a range of other electronic equipment for development and testing.

Along with the labs at Department of Electronics Systems Engineering, we have collaborations with labs from various other departments at the Indian Institute of Science, such as MEMS Packaging Lab at Centre for Nano Sciences and Engineering, and Sensors Lab and Control Systems Lab at Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics. We also have collaborations with Anna University and Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Almost all the projects handled here are interdisciplinary in nature. Each of the problems encountered during a project, is treated as a new challenge and the team is encouraged to think about it from a fresh perspective. This has enabled us to come up with innovative and unique product solutions.

If you find yourself with and undying enthusiasm to learn more and explore, come join us. Email us at emlab.dese@gmail.com.

Current Job Openings

We have openings for Workshop Technicians! For details, please check out the following link:

Job Opening for Workshop Technician